Space Runner

Fig 1 - Biomes
This is the next project I worked on after splash, coming into it we decided to limit the scope and shoot for release having the same time frame as the previous development cycle, that being 4 months. Instead of release our team learned the value in having proper deadlines and management. Where as splash was overseen by a class instructor with weekly meetings this semesters project threw us in the deep end with not a single deadline and check up other than the final turn in.

Fig 2 - Ridge Noise
Before getting into the development cycle the important question of what did I do on this project. I built the system for the planets, the obstacles, and player movement as well as partially working on the powerups. Unfortunately as we had no lead we did not all have the same image of the final product in our heads, I originally built a completely randomized obstacle generator that would be able to ensure a possible path while having parameters to tweak hardness and spawn rates. After sinking a few weeks to getting it feeling well I had to scrap the whole thing and start again as it turned out we were going for a pre designed level system instead. I spent about the same amount of time again making this new system and designing the levels as no one else wanted to.

As mentioned I have learned to never go into a project again without properly communicating a team leader. This wasn't a problem at first but the longer time went on the less work others put in and the slower everything went. As one person got backed up everyone slowly did and there was no one to wave deadlines or motivate the team. I would describe the process as falling into a development hell.

In the end though It still shaped up to be a playable product and something you can play through as a sort of demo for what could have been. If I had the choice I would go back to this in the future with more visuals and player feedback as currently I feel that is what is lacking most. Get the build here

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